Product Info: Benefits, specifications and gradients


  • Ideal for all dogs, cats and even house rabbits
  • Perfect for elderly pets with restricted mobility or strength and those recovering from surgery or injury
  • Sturdy yet lightweight and portable design
  • Tested to support up to 80kg (176lbs) in weight so perfect for even the largest dog
  • Gradual incline ramp for ease of use. Our ramps all have an easy 30 degree gradient which is at the lowest
  • end of UK staircase guidelines (30 to 45 degrees)
  • No more back-jarring leaps from the sofa or bed which could lead to costly vet bills
  • Designed and made by pet owners for pet owners and approved by vets and physiotherapists


  • Lovingly handcrafted to order in the UK since 2015
  • Strong and sturdy wood construction. All joints are glued and screwed for strength
  • Upholstered in quality plush, household grade, stain resistant, cleanable carpet
  • Rubber feet prevents the ramp moving on wood or tiled floors
  • A small raised edge around the back and sides of the ramp gives added reassurance to paws when climbing the ramp

Most pet steps and ramps available to buy have a climbing gradient of between 37 and 56 degrees. They're made this way to take as little space as possible. This does however sacrifice the comfort of your pet and with continued use may lead to greater strain being placed on their joints.
Each of our pet ramps has a gradient of 30 degrees which is towards the lower end of UK staircase design guidelines (30 to 45 degrees). This is ideal for the majority of pets. If you do however think your pet would benefit from an even gentler gradient then please contact us and we'll let you know the difference this would make to the ramp length.
To get an idea of the 30 degree gradient, take a tape measure and measure up the front of your sofa or bed to a height of 12" (30cm) and then from that point measure diagonally down to the floor to a distance of 21" (53cm).