Our Tale

Every Tale Has a Beginning...

Our Dachshund ‘Archie’ found it very frustrating that he never got the best seat in the house and the size of his legs (shh! don’t tell him, he thinks he’s a Great Dane) means that he can’t climb onto the sofa to watch his favourite TV shows, ‘Dachshund Abbey’ and ‘Silent Woofness’ (sorry!)

To make it easier for Archie we decided to build him a ramp. After a little tempting with some tasty treats and once he’d realised he wasn't being made to take part in a crazy indoor carpeted ski jump contest, Archie can now climb up when he’s looking for some comfy sofa time and likes to slide back down on his belly when it’s time for food (a strict diet of German sausages of course).

If you have a vertically challenged hound or perhaps a cat who is far too dignified to leap up on anything then perhaps you’d both like a ramp to make the route to your lap a far simpler and safer one.