Outdoor Anti-Slip Handmade Wood Pet Ramp for Your Dog or Cat


Our handmade outdoor pet ramps are designed to allow your dog, cat or even house rabbit the freedom to access to their outside world. Created in all new materials, our handmade outdoor pet ramps are sturdy and weatherproof and will make the perfect accessory for your pet and addition to your home.


  • Ideal for dogs, cats and even house rabbits
  • Perfect for elderly pets with restricted mobility or strength
  • Great for pets recovering from surgery or injury
  • Sturdy design
  • Suitable for dogs up to 60kg in weight
  • No more back-jarring leaps which may lead to costly vet bills
  • Gradual incline ramp for ease of use


  • Handmade to order
  • All new materials
  • Strong and sturdy wood construction
  • Treated decking planks suitable for outdoor use
  • Non-slip strips added for safe use when wet
  • Adjustable feet to keep your ramp level


As every ramp needs to fit perfectly, please let us know the height and width you need and we'll let you know the length and cost of your ramp with a choice of gradients.


Please contact us to discuss the details of your outdoor ramp and once you're happy with the design we'll email a PayPal invoice to place your order.