Custom Designs

'Pets come in all shapes and sizes so why shouldn't their ramp'

Over the years Archie's Workshop has made many ramps for lots of different dogs, cats, house rabbits and even a bearded dragon! Some pets have specific requirements or certain medical conditions that call for their ramp to have an even gentler slope or higher sides. Some need their ramp design to be a little more unique, while others just want to make their unique idea a reality. Here are just a few of the custom designs Archie's Workshop has made. A few of these designs have made it to our range but don't let that stop you. If you have an idea then just let us know and we'll crack open the tub of designing crayons and get started.

Melissa's Ramp/ Step Combo

Melissa needed a ramp for her bed but wanted it to take as little space as possible. We came up with this design which has two slopes and two small 7cm (3") steps along with a higher side to the right and back to give some added reassurance. It reaches a height of 61cm (24") with our standard 30 degree gradient while only being 105cm (42") long.

Rupert's Dual Steps of Balcony Bliss

Katie asked us to make two sets of steps to place either side of the door to her balcony. The door had a pet flap which Rupert, her Pomeranian struggled to reach. We made the outdoor steps from pressure treated timber so they could be left outside and the indoor steps were upholstered in a lovely ruby red carpet. 

Beatriz's Shortened Teckel Ramp

Beatriz needed a ramp to allow her Teckel to climb to her bed but wanted to make it as compact as possible. We made this design with a step up at the foot of the ramp

Billy & Lottie's car ramp

Painted wood with a non-slip rubber top and made lightweight but strong for use with the car.

Coco & Belle's Prussian blue ramp

Teddy & Millie's Bichon Steps

Perdy's Notched Ramp (to fit neatly around some skirting board)

Bruno's Windowsill Ramp (so he can climb up to the windowsill to watch the world go by)

Tulla, Coco & Belle's Windowseat Ramp

Stellar Stella's Ramp & Slumber Bunk

Intrepid Ernie & Waggin' Holly's Sofa Slip Prevention Panel

Going for Gold, Silver or Bronze Podiums

A special commission by Charlotte Baldwin for a Sausage Dog Walks, South Wales fun day in aid of her 'Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD' campaign.

Julie's High-Sider for Blue & Rio

Sally's High-Sider for her Dachsies Down-Under

Oliver's Hide-Away

Ginny's Disco Pink Pom Ramp

Alfie Cat's Hide-Away

Nelly's Outdoor Rottie Ramp